Petersfield town centre clock repaired after being vandalised

By Post in Local People

REPAIR men say a clock in Petersfield that was stopped had been vandalised much to their amazement.

The team from Smiths of Derbyshire used a rising extendable platform to reach the time piece in the first floor level of Gascoigne Pees estate agents at the junction of College Street, the High Street, and Heath Road.

Foreman Paul Kilburn said: “One hand had been broken off and the other bent outwards, it was definitely vandalism.

“Recently I’ve repaired three other clocks high off the round that have been vandalised, I haven’t a clue how they get up to the clocks, but it seems to be a bit of a trend.”

The repairs were organised by Pickets and Pursers jewellers in the town, as no-one seems to know who is responsible for maintaining and looking after it.

Abut to safeguard it’s future, Petersfield Town Council has stepped in and will be looking after the clock on the front of the Petersfield Youth Theatre studio.

Petersfield Mayor James Deane, who was there for the repair, said: “On the face of it we can now tick the repair box, thanks to Picketts and Pursers.

“The first thing we need to do is get it serviced, apparently the last one was in 2011 and it needs one every two years I’ve been told.

“And going forward we will have to think about it’s security, perhaps CCTV cameras.”