Liphook pupils cook up a healthy result for themselves

By Post in Education

YEAR 3 children at Brookham Pre-Prep School in Liphook have taken part in a Healthy Breakfast Challenge.

The children have been learning about a balanced diet, how different foods help the body in different ways, and are beginning to learn about the digestive system.

In their lessons they have all been planning their delicious healthy breakfast by creating a menu and deciding what equipment they would need.

On the day of the challenge, supported by a small army of parent helpers, the children chopped, cut, squeezed, spread and arranged a veritable feast of healthy breakfast foods, including fruit, yoghurt, smoothies, eggs and toast.

The teamwork was excellent, the presentation creative, and the final products a credit to their industriousness.

All the teams can be pleased with their efforts, which are a reflection of their overall learning, said a school spokesman.

The guest chef and judge was teacher Mr Wilson and he was more than impressed with all of the final efforts.

The winning team was The Banana Splits, who won by only half a point, and the spread of scores was narrow.

In the end it was down to creativity and an excellent balance of protein, carbohydrate and fruit.