Prospective Portsmouth Football Club owner Michael Eisner meets club shareholders

By Post in Football

THE PROSPECTIVE new owner of Portsmouth Football Club met club shareholders at the Portsmouth Guildhall last night to outline his plans for the club.

American billionaire Michael Eisner is hoping to buy the club through the Tornante investment group.

Eisner outlined his vision for the club last night and then answered questions from fans.

Pompey have been owned by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust (PST) since April 2013.

Most of the fans’ questions centred on the PST not having a seat on Eisner’s proposed board, as well as fears that the club could move to a new ground outside the city.

Eisner said: “We’ve agreed for the next 50 years we will not change the name and we will not change the colours.

“We are not intending to move now, but if we do we’re not going to move more than 15 miles away, and we are not going to go into a Southampton postal code.

“We’re developing our strategy, but our strategy is to do the right thing and to listen to the fans, who are intelligent people who understand what a sports team needs.

“The thing I wouldn’t do is Americanise Pompey, that would be plain dumb.”

Club shareholders will vote from tomorrow (Saturday) until Friday, May 19, on whether to approve the takeover, and Eisner stressed he will only acquire the club if he feels the support of the fans.

“I only want to do this if the majority of the people in this city want me to,” said Eisner.

“I know it’s a big decision for you (the fans), but it’s also a big decision for us.

“We appreciate even being considered for this.”