Police swoop on incident at Petersfield house

By Post in Local People

POLICE are out in force dealing with an on-going incident in Petersfield.

They were called to a terraced house in Durford Road at around 9.30am this morning with eye witnesses reporting that a man jumped out of a first floor window.

Five police cars and an ambulance were still at the scene at noon, with officers waiting at the front of the house, opposite the corner shop.

Shopkeeper Thamil Selvan said he saw a man jump from the window. “He was about 30 years old. I don’t know if he was hurt or ran away,” he said.

Residents gathered on the pavement outside the shop to find out what the commotion was. The window of the house was still open. A family member was standing outside with police officers.

An ambulance arrived on the scene at 11.30am.

No details were available yet from Hampshire police when they were contacted by the Post.