Bespoke grills providing a taste of luxury for owners

By Post in Business

STANSTED Park near Rowlands Castle was the spectacular setting for the unveiling of a luxurious wood fired grill – with prices starting at £25,000.

Aemyrie is a state-of the-art bespoke design grill which was founded in 2015 by fine food, wine and cooking aficionado Peter Walsh.

The grilling enthusiast, who lives in Emsworth, fell in love with the unique taste achieved through cooking on wood fires while on holiday in Tuscany.

Peter leads a team of artisans who are dedicated to creating the world’s finest wood fired grills.

He said: “An Aemyrie grill captures the personal nature of sheer luxury as the owner is able to create a unique piece of art for their outdoor space, providing a real sense of individuality.

“Each grill is built by a dedicated team of craftsmen, experienced designers and professional fabricators.

“In addition, we can complete the production of a grill in a variety of temperature resistant finishes applied to other surfaces using paints, powders, enamels and even liquid metals.”

Previously, Peter enjoyed a successful business career in a variety of roles spanning sales, operational business management and leadership with companies including L’Oréal, the Financial Times and Corporate Executive Board before choosing to follow his dream of creating a brand.

He added: “Inspiration for the outer side panels created from pin striped woods came from the classic Bentley Boat-Tail of the 1920s and Riva Aquarama made famous in the 1960s and 1970s.

“We also provide bespoke cast components which include handles, hood hinges, facia panels and side panels.

“These elements are created by an ultra-modern foundry with each component being individually cast, finished and quality checked by hand to ensure perfection.” For more details visit