Hounds for Heroes dog takes his 262nd flight

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BRITISH Airways has welcomed one of its most frequent flyers on board.

EJ the Labrador, a fully trained assistance dog, travelled with his owner, Hounds for Heroes charity founder Allen Parton from London Heathrow up to Manchester recently, notching up his 262nd flight.

He was joined by fellow assistance dog Rookie, a golden retriever.

The two dogs, who were also accompanied by Hounds for Heroes head trainer Lexi Wyllie, were the stars of the Defence Medical Welfare Services (DMWS) showcase day at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.

It was organised to show the wide range of support available for veterans on a medical pathway.

Hounds for Heroes, which is based in Petersfield, showed how assistance dogs not only bring quality of life to their owners by helping them with every day tasks like opening doors and picking up items, but also how they can bring companionship.

During the visit, the team took time to meet patients from around the hospital including the Pulmonary Oncology Unit, the Dementia Unit and the Starlight Paediatric ward.

There, they met some of the youngsters who were injured in the Manchester bombing in May.