The ball is rolling on plans to create an all-weather football pitch and basketball court on part of a playing field in Liss.

But the scheme isn’t a winner for some neighbours, with concerns being raised about possible noise, light pollution, drainage and anti-social behaviour.

The group which oversees Newman Collard wants to install a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) in the north western corner of the field, close to the path from the car park and the Memorial Garden treeline.

The all-weather facility will measure 35 by 17 metres and will be surrounded by a black three metre-high steel mesh fence. Four floodlights, each six metres high, are also proposed along with a seating area to the north.

The proposal has been months in the pipeline and is part of a greater scheme by trustees, with adult exercise machines and improved drainage also planned.

But while the scheme is backed by the parish council and some of its members, some Old School Road and Pophole Farm residents are less keen. There have been calls to move the MUGA 20 metres south, so it’s less close to the former road, while questions have been asked over the site’s management and usage.

Some respondents have pointed out that the site often floods, while one believes the inclusion of floodlit seating may lead to more anti-social behaviour in the area.

“Having lived here for 27 years, I know the current seating areas on Newman Collard recreation ground are sometimes used as places where teenagers meet to smoke weed, use laughing gas canisters, play loud music and often use offensive language,” wrote the objector.

“As the area is to be floodlit, it may encourage more of this anti-social activity.”

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