Alton residents will be hoppy to know a brewery has recently come to town. 

Prior to the opening of the Ten Tun Brew House there were not many reminders that Alton used to be a brewing centre – but ale’s well that ends well.

“Before we opened a month or two ago, there wasn’t a brewery in Alton and it’s seen by many as a historic brewing town,” said Jason Delaney. 

Coming into the business, Jason had no prior experience in the industry other than a genuine love of beer, and that’s how Ten Tun was born. 

While head brewer Dave Hall has been in the industry for 20 years, he was keen to establish something in Alton.

Dave said: “The idea of setting up a brew-pub in my home town with Jason was a really fun idea. Starting the brewery and being able to brew my own stuff is good fun as well.”

Since the brewery’s opening, Ten Tun has made and released its first beer, an IPA called Headlock Evening, and is about to release its second and third beers.

Dave said: “Our second beer, Widow Teeth, is a coffee stout, and we’ve added some coffee from Winchester Coffee Roasters. 

“We are trying to incorporate local businesses and collaborate with people on different and interesting ingredients.” 

“The community has really gotten into it and everyone is eager to taste our beers,” added Jason.

Leading up to Christmas, a line-up of live music is planned and the bigger space will mean more people can enjoy an evening of food and beer.

Restaurant Dill, owned by Jason’s wife, will be doing evening food nights alongside the brewery.

“I’m really proud that we’ve got brewing back in town and that it’s something that can be for the community as well,” said Dave. 

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