It looks like good news is on the horizon for Body Fitness Camp.

In February of this year, Petersfield Town Council issued the outdoor fitness business a notice to leave Love Lane, where it has been operating since 2019, after the Town Clerk was contacted by EHDC Planning Enforcement.

It previously had full council support, having helped hundreds of people with their health and fitness, as well as raising thousands of pounds for charities in the area.

There was confusion surrounding the reason for the ban, with Petersfield Town Council citing a planning issue raised by East Hampshire Planning Enforcement over whether the fitness classes counted as ‘recreational’ or if the business needed planning permission to operate in the area.

But after a meeting between East Hampshire Planning Enforcement and Body Fitness Camp owner Mark Allen, it has been determined by the local authority there is no planning issue  – and Mr Allen does not need planning permission to continue operating in the area.

Mr Allen said: “In our meeting with East Hampshire, we were told  we can continue our fitness activities at Love lane recreation ground without planning permission. I am delighted by this news because we are not a franchise, we do not own multiples sites. We have been supporting people at Love Lane since 2019 – it is our home.”

But the red tape has not been fully untangled just yet.

The Post spoke to Petersfield Town Council who said: “We are pleased that this issue has been resolved, and we are seeking clarification from East Hampshire District Planning as to whether there are any changes that need to be implemented and consider any changes that we may wish to implement. 

"A meeting will be arranged with Mark Allen later in July to discuss any changes required to ensure that his operation continues within the guidelines laid out by both Petersfield Town Council and East Hampshire Planning.”