An alumni from Bohunt School in Liphook is on a mission to protect psychologists. 

Bradley Powell has launched a petition to make the psychologist title protected by law like ‘doctor’ or ‘architect’ to safeguard public mental health.

Anyone can legally claim to be a psychologist and offer services without adhering to the necessary training, qualification and ethical standards.

Bradley says: “The goal of this petition is simple.

“To ensure that when someone in the UK consults with a psychologist, they are engaging with a professional. 

“Whose qualifications are indisputable and the services offered are evidence-based, effective and ethical.”

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) enforces rigorous standards for nine distinct types of psychologist, safeguarding titles such as Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Health Psychologist and others.

Becoming an HCPC-registered psychologist can take between seven to nine years which includes doctoral-level training and supervised clinical practice.

Since the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in people seeking mental health support.

Due to lengthy NHS waiting lists, many people choose to go private and when they seek private support, the gap in legislation can result in a situation where people are paying more for services that are unsafe by people that present themselves as trained psychologists. 

Bradley added: “We all need to work together to make this change and to make sure everyone receives the quality of care that every person in this country has the right to expect.

“We need 100,000 signatures, so every signature counts.”

The petition is calling for any individual who uses the psychologist title to be registered with an appropriate regulatory body, ensuring they meet the necessary standards. 

Bradley completed his studies at Bohunt in 2013, and is in the final year of his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. To sign the petition, visit