THE building of a Bronze Age roundhouse at Butser Ancient Farm has moved forward considerably this month.

Based on remains of a similar building excavated on Salisbury Plain by armed forces veterans under the Operation Nightingale banner, the project at the farm began earlier this year.

A project spokesman said: “We have been really fortunate in the way our Bronze Age project has unfolded.

“Not only do we have an exceptional team working on the build, we have also had exceptional weather as we tackled what was probably our most ambitious three days yet, with half the crew splitting logs and making lintels.

“They also tackled building the first phase of our earth walls using the turf that was stripped when the site was cleared.

“The results caused a flurry of excitement, at least among the experimentally inclined, as very few experimental roundhouses are built with earth walls.

“That’s despite the fact many archaeologists think earth walled buildings were common in prehistoric Britain.”

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