A fruity enterprise near Bordon has launched an appealing venture for cider drinkers.

Blackmoor Orchards have launched a cider taproom to showcase its growing range of alcoholic apple-based beverages.

The taproom currently opens once a month but interest is growing along with its range with the third session taking place tonight (Friday, June 21) in the courtyard area.

“At the moment we’re opening once a month during the summer and we’ll see what happens during the autumn,” said Roy Waby of the Blackmoor Estate.

“About three years ago the estate started to make cider but recently we’ve ramped it up and are building up the range. All the ciders we’re selling have been Blackmoor-produced and we’ve got a good range.”

Classic medium and dry varieties will be available along with a black cherry variety and a “fine” example made from Egremont russet apples and aged in a Sauternes barrel among others.