The Hangers Environmental Network is doing its bit to help pollinators and fight climate change. 

Members of the Hangers Environmental Network invited Karima Smith, the Parish Pollinators Project officer at Hampshire County Council countryside services, to meet them in Hawkley last Saturday. 

The group discussed the importance of pollinators for fertilising plants which supply our food, create oxygen, provide homes for animals and help regulate the climate. 

The group is composed of people from across Greatham, Hawkley, Empshott and Priors Dean, as well as representatives of the four churches.

The group plans to ask the council to reduce frequency of verge cutting. 

The Hampshire County Council Parish Pollinators Project is asking everyone to sign up to the Pollinator Pledge. The pledge asks people to act in our local areas in ways that will encourage more pollinators to thrive. 

For more on how to help, visit the Parish website or email Karima Smith.