A LANDSCAPING project at Heath Pond needs rethinking as it’s played a major part in the worst algae outbreak at the site for a decade.

Richard Welch has urged Petersfield Town Council to reshape or redesign the islands by the boardwalk as they’ve created a breeding ground for blue-green algae (BGA).

The head bailiff told councillors in his monthly update that an aeriation pump, more lilies, freshwater mussels and barley hung underneath the boardwalk could prevent or lessen future outbreaks.

A combination of high water levels, rotting food, poor circulation and a spell of sunshine and hot temperatures have led to the outbreak.

He said: “The boardwalk looks amazing but the problem we’ve got is those islands have stopped all the water and wind circulating in that area.

“If we had a pump that circulated the water it could have helped, maybe."

He added: “But it’s not us, it’s mother nature. We don’t know each year if we’re going to get BGA, how much rain we’re going to get or what the water level is going to be.”

Mr Welch told the Grounds Committee he had been subjected to some “very” vocal complaints about the smell, caused by BGA.

One resident even told the Environment Agency that sewage was being pumped into the pond, with a following investigation finding that wasn’t the case.