SPINNAKER Chorus, which is based at Blendworth Church Hall in Horndean, has raised £1,000 for Leigh Park-based charity Off The Record.

The charity strives to help young people in south-east Hampshire needing support managing emotional well-being issues, most commonly anxiety, family and relationships, anger, low self-esteem, low mood, and more.

Unsurprisingly, they are experiencing a marked increase in referrals with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions which in turn has placed added demand on their staff and resources.

Spinnaker held a number of fun, online Zoom socials, including bingo, quizzes, auctions and raffles. Together with personal donations from members they have raised £1,000.

Off The Record was nominated by Spinnaker Chorus member Liz Waddon, who said: “I just chose them because I think teens always look like they are coping but they aren’t really.

“I knew there would be a wave of teens who would need emotional support after the lockdowns and when returning to school.

“There’s kind of a gap in looking out for teens and young adults compared to children or the elderly.”