It was the day the tide began to turn on mainland Europe. 

By the end of June 6, 1944, some 156,000 Allied troops had crossed the English Channel and had set foot on the beaches of Normandy.

Farnham D-Day 80 PIC2
Pupils from Farnham-area schools took part in the town's commemorative event on Gostrey Meadow (Farnham Town Council)

It was the biggest amphibious operation in the history of the world, and the beginning of the end of World War Two.

And at the beginning of last Thursday, and at the ending of the light: we remembered them.

Haslemere D-Day 80 PIC1
A saluting veteran in front of the war memorial during Haslemere's D-Day 80 service. (Tindle/Michelle Monaghan)

A proclamation written by Haslemere’s town crier, Christian Ashdown, was delivered at the top of its High Street by its author and repeated around the UK at 8am. 

Haslemere DDay 80 PIC2
Wreaths are laid at Haslemere war memorial (Tindle/Michelle Monaghan)

It was heard loud and clear on Castle Street in Farnham, in The Square in Petersfield, at the Forest Centre in Bordon, and on Alton High Street.

While some communities confined their events to the morning – Petersfield’s consisted of a parade and service – some held events in the evening to coincide with a nationwide beacon lighting at 9.15pm.

Alton DDay 80 PIC1
Standard bearers proudly stand next to the war memorial on Alton High Street (Alton Royal British Legion)

Petersfield Day 80 PIC1
'Mr Petersfield' David Weeks - seen here in his famous shiny suit - chats with a veteran ahead of Petersfield's D-Day 80 service (Petersfield Town Council)

Wartime tunes and vintage radio recordings were aired at Gostrey Meadow while around 400 villagers of all ages joined a superb commemorative event in Liphook which included a tree planting, poetry and renditions of 1940s songs by Stephanie Belle.

Bordon DDay 80 PIC1
This superb postbox-topper has appeared in Lindford (Julie Foster)
Petersfield DDay 80 PIC2
Steve Field prepares to sound the Last Post during Petersfield's service (Petersfield Town Council)

Whitehill & Bordon really went to town with a host of commemorative events from over four days. 

A superb exhibition, featuring historical photos, memorabilia and some amazing AI-colourised pictures of the landings was held at Whitehill Village Hall. 

Bordon DDay 80 PIC2
Wartime tunes next to The Shed in Bordon (Whitehill Town Council )

The town park also hosted a military-themed event on Saturday afternoon with live music, stalls and an “immersive interactive D-Day experience” that incorporated silent disco technology.

Bordon DDay 80 PIC2
The Forest Players perform at the wartime event by The Shed in Bordon (Whitehill Town Council )

But the greatest thing about the events is that they took place at all. Because without the efforts of those who stormed the beaches 80 years ago, we may not be enjoying the freedom we experience today.

Bordon DDay 80 PIC3
Veterans are all smiles during the wartime event next to The Shed (Whitehill Town Council)