A drainage issue that has been going on for five years has been causing havoc for Chalton Lane residents in Clanfield.

The issue was first identified in 2018 when the drain collapsed but it was poorly repaired and it was discovered that a broken piece of equipment was left inside and created a blockage.

The drain is located on a short strip of road that all the residents use to gain access to their homes and the main road.

Resident Richard Parsons said: “If it has rained and the water is out the front I have to put on my wellies if I want to go out.”

“It can be so deep on the road out in front of the houses that it’s too dangerous to walk through and the car could get stuck.”

“We pay council tax and all these other bills and they can’t fix a simple drainage issue and the road in front of all the houses needs resurfacing because of the water damage.”

The water coming up to Mr Parson's front door.
The water coming up to Mr Parson's front door. (Richard Parsons)

Mr Parsons has been contacting Hampshire County Council (HCC) about it for years but gets told that it will be passed onto the relevant authority.

The flooding got so bad once that one of Mr Parson’s neighbours had to pay for a professional cleaning crew to fix the mess it had made inside their house. Another resident, John Gardner added: “I’ve lived here since February 1987 and there have always been problems when it rains.

“I last contacted HCC Transport and Roads in January this year but there still hasn’t been any progress.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: “We are aware there have been reports of flooding on Chalton Lane.

“The highway surface water drainage system has been inspected and plans are in place to carry out clearance work in the near future.”