WORK on an £8.4million project to upgrade the electricity infrastructure between Petersfield and Fernhurst is due to start this week.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks will spend 19 months burying more than nine miles of overhead cable underground and refurbishing the Bedford Road substation in Petersfield.

The cable work will reduce the vulnerability of the supply because of bad weather and revamping the substation will increase its capacity to 10,000 customers.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks believes the programme will make the area’s power network “resilient and secure for decades to come”.

The company has pledged to keep disruption to a minimum. Project manager Anthony Horne said: “During the planning stages of this project, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks was very aware of the events being held in the local area and has designed a cable route that minimises the amount of roadworks on main roads, while also looking to reduce the duration we are working around the local businesses and residents.

“The project team will work very closely with local businesses, residents and local authorities, and will continue to do so to ensure the smooth running and progress of not just these upgrade works, but also the planned local activities along the project route over the next 19 months.”

Letters will be sent to households and businesses to update them on the project as it reaches their area. Minor traffic management systems will be used temporarily in some areas, with details to be posted on