In anticipation of the eagerly awaited opening of the brand new REEL cinema in Farnham, we took a trip to the most local REEL cinema in Fareham, to see what we can expect when the new REEL cinema opens, in Brightwells Yard on February 2.

I took my daughters, aged six and nine, to see Disney’s new Wish and although it premiered nearly a month ago, it was the busiest cinema trip I had been to in recent years.

The Fareham REEL cinema is reasonably priced, contributing in part to its popularity. The super comfy plush seats and welcoming environment being another big plus.

Adult tickets were £6.49, and children 12 and under £5.49, compared to the same film at more local cinemas, such as Vue in Festival Place in Basingstoke, charging £10.99 per seat.

At REEL, you can expect all the traditional cinema snacks, popcorn, ice-cream and waffles, chocolate, sweets and drinks – of the soft and alcoholic variety – all of which you can order to your seat if paying extra for the luxury REEL Lounge.

The cinema has a lovely welcoming home-from-home vibe, with plenty of seats and sofas in the vestibule if you want to catch up with (or wait for!) friends or family before the film starts.

Regular cinema goers will enjoy the relaxing viewing experience with very comfortable seats.

We can’t wait for REEL to open in Farnham!

By Kate Gee