A jazz EP entitled Buzz Of Brighton, sung by Anabel Mather, has been released on Spotify, iTunes and all online platforms.

Anabel graduated last year from the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham, where she studied music composition and technology. 

The title track describes Brighton as a thriving town with a certain “buzz”. The EP contains two other songs sung by Anabel, entitled Sailing On Blue Water, about getting away on a boat for the weekend, and Endless Poem, recalling teenage friendships.

It also contains two more songs, Sauntering In Paris and Someone Else’s Guy, sung by established singer Virginia Ruspini. 

All the songs were written by Phil Ryder, a Farnham resident who has written and released many songs in the last few years.

Anabel was recommended to him by Dr Harry Whalley, the music director at UCA and a friend of Phil’s.

Videos of Buzz Of Brighton, plus three of the other songs, are on Phil’s YouTube channel (@philryder2103).

Anabel has recorded many of Phil’s songs, another of which – Something About You – was released last Friday. Anabel sings about how she disagrees so much with her partner, and doesn’t like his friends, but there’s something about him that she loves. All tracks were released under ‘Phil Ryder featuring Anabel Mather’.