Highway bosses would like to find Nemo as this monstrous bit of artwork has appeared under the A3 in Petersfield.

You could say the A272 junction has been brightened up as this interesting piece of street art – or graffiti, which is it? – appeared on a roundabout wall last week.

Smaller pieces by the same artist appeared a few weeks ago on bridge columns around a mile north in the Bell Hill area.

Although graffiti has appeared on local railway infrastructure in recent months, pillars and supports around the A3 Petersfield section remain fairly clean, unlike those on the dual carriageway and A3(M) from Clanfield southwards. 

There has been an outbreak around Hindhead, however, with pieces by the likes of Vers – whose work can be frequently seen around Southampton and the M27 – appearing on a stretch of wooden fencing close to the Mini -  dealership.

Perhaps they honed their skills in loch down?