The South Downs is blessed with some breathtaking landscapes of rolling hills, cliffs, rivers, streams and forests that are any photographers’ dream.

But capturing a great landscape shot is not only about having a stunning landscape in your frame.

The sky conditions, or more specifically cloud conditions, have a big part to play.

Whether it’s a stormy, towering cumulonimbus, a wispy cirrus formation or moody stratus, clouds can add extra impact to any picture.

World Photography Day this month focuses on clouds and to celebrate the national park is sharing stunning images that showcase these huge masses of water droplets in all their glory.

Can you take a sensational image of the landscape and a dramatic sky for the national park’s annual photo competition?

The theme this year is a New Perspective and the top prize is £250. There are also categories for mobile phone imagery, wildlife and a youth section.

Entries close at midnight on Tuesday, October 31.

Find out more and submit entries at