Green Party gets its first district councillor in Hampshire

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Monday 11th October 2021 7:00 am
Blossom Gottlieb ()

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A YOUNG woman from Steep with political ambitions has been elected as the first Green Party district councillor in Hampshire.

Much to her delight, Blossom Gottlieb was elected to represent the Downs ward in Horndean in last Thursday’s East Hampshire District Council by-election.

East Hampshire Green Party campaign manager Ian James from Liss said her election ended years of working to get Green representation on the district council.

And he admitted the moment when they knew the 20-year-old had won had been “very emotional” for both of them.

Blossom, already a Petersfield town councillor, says she will be working flat out to persuade the district council to speed up its environmental and climate change efforts. She said: “I want to make a real difference.”