Firefighters are urging people to do all they can to stop “preventable” fires adding to their workload caused by tinder-dry heathland.

Over the last week the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service has dealt with further wildfires at Longmoor, Broxhead Common and Hartley Wintney.

Jason Avery, its assistant director for prevention and protection, said: “Our firefighters, officers and support teams have been working incredibly hard in challenging and difficult conditions.

“I thank them all for their outstanding efforts and pay tribute to their commitment. Many of our firefighters are on-call and the dedication they’ve shown to our communities, as well as the sacrifices made by their families and employers who have supported them in carrying out their firefighting roles alongside their main jobs, has been incredible.

“We know temperatures have dropped this week and you might think this will reduce the chance of fires in the open, but the ground still remains very dry, meaning the risk of wildfires has not gone away.

“Please continue to follow some simple steps to keep everyone safe. Don’t light bonfires, campfires or barbecues in the countryside, our parks, commons and open spaces.

“It only takes one ember, one fire left to smoulder, or one unattended bonfire to spark a fire that has the potential to cause devastation and put lives and property at risk.

“Pack a picnic, not a disposable barbecue, and please get rid of cigarettes and other rubbish, including glass bottles, responsibly.

“We will always be there to respond in an emergency, but anything the public can do to help us reduce preventable fires caused by bonfires, barbecues and campfires is appreciated.”

Glass left on the ground can start a fire by magnifying the sun. Barbecues are banned in the New Forest National Park.