Haslemere Town Council has revealed its ‘wish list’ of projects for the “positive enhancement of Haslemere”, which includes a new development at Wey Hill. 

It is the council’s hope that these projects will help “encourage the community” to continue to improve the Haslemere area.

The plans were developed alongside the Neighbourhood Plan and have been earmarked for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money paid to the council by developers to contribute to local infrastructure projects.

While they are not “planning policies”, the council said: “In many ways, they represent the most positive and tangible ways in which we can change the form and function of the town for the better in the next 20 years.” 

On the list is the Wey Hill Fairground site. After a consultation it was revealed 44 per cent wanted a new community-focused development on the Wey Hill Fairground site, with 33 per cent in favour of Waverley Borough Council’s proposal to create a resurfaced car park. 

According to the council, the site provides a “unique opportunity” for the development of a new public space within Haslemere, and “it is a long-term goal of Haslemere Vision to develop this site for mixed residential, commercial, community use and parking”. 

A working party has been formed by the town council to investigate options for the site. 

Another proposal put forward by the council was the relocation of industrial uses north of the station. 

The industrial land north of the station is located right in the centre of town, and given the shortage of good land suitable for housing close to the centre of town and the station, this site, if it became available, “would be a prime location” according to the council.

But if this were to happen, alternative locations for the industries – and the jobs – would need to be found. 

Of the ‘wish list’, the council said “this is not an exhaustive list and is very much a working document”.

Haslemere Town Council currently has £92,493.22 CIL money to put towards new projects, with another £154,018.15 expected to be paid into its account this month.

This means the town council will soon have more than £250,000 in its coffers to spend on the town's infrastructure.