Heatwave safety warning as temperatures soar

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Tuesday 20th June 2017 1:04 pm

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PEOPLE are being warned about the dangers of the warm weather as the area currently experiences a heatwave.

The Met Office has issued a Level 3 Heatwave Alert for the South East which runs until 9am on Thursday (June 22).

The trigger for this is when temperatures reach 30 degrees celcius on two or more consecutive days, and 16 degree celcius during the night.

Hampshire County Council and the NHS have warned people to take care, particularly those at risk of suffering from severe health effects.

They include babies and very young children, older people, those with a pre-existing medical condition such as heart conditions, diabetes, respiratory or renal problem, Parkinson’s disease or a severe mental illness.

The advice is to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm if possible, wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes and avoid extreme physical exertion.

If you do need to go out in the sun, stick to the shade, wear sunscreen and wear a sunhat.

To cool down have plenty of cold drinks and avoid excess alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks as well as eating cold foods and taking a cold shower.

Dr David Chilvers, GP and chair at Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We all know that British people love to complain about the weather but the fact is that extreme heat poses some real risks for many of us.

“When the temperatures are so high, it is essential that people do everything they can to stay healthy in the heat and to think carefully about which NHS service they need if they do feel unwell.

“If you believe you are facing an emergency situation then A&E is the place for you.

“If it isn’t an emergency though, then please keep A&E free for those who are seriously ill and choose one of the many other options instead.”