FOR ALL budding sledders in East Hampshire it is their Cresta Run – and there was no shortage of enthusiasts for a past time that can only rarely be carried out in the district.

Hundreds of people of all ages headed for the slopes of Butser Hill yesterday (Friday), braving the icy winds and heavy snow to take on one of the highest slopes in Hampshire.

The hill, which overlooks Queen Elizabeth Country Park and the A3, is always a popular venue for sledging when the district is hit by heavy snow.

And there were plenty of experienced and novice sledders out on the slopes, using all manner of materials to help propel themselves down the hill.

Many had traditional wooden sledges with metal runners but the most popular rides were the modern day plastic sledges which can be picked up at supermarkets and shops.

Some didn’t have access to either of these so some people had to use their initiative to fashion a sledge from items they had at home – wheelie bin lids, road signs, baking trays, sheets of plastic and rubber rings were all put to good use.

Some had the right tools for the job as temperatures remained around minus two degrees Celsius throughout the day on the hill.

Skis and snowboards could also be seen at times on the slopes, giving their users some unexpected extra practice on the best piste in East Hampshire.