AN ONGOING road closure in Lindford has forced a family to pull the shutter down on their roadside business.

Staff at Rustica raised concerns with the Herald in December about the January closure of Lindford Road, fearing a massive loss in passing trade.

Sadly, those fears have been realised as the impact of SSE work has made it inviable to run their fresh coffee and panini trailer next to Altis Industries.

“I want to thank everyone that has supported our little business,” said Annika Hawthorne in confirming the news.

“Unfortunately, due to footfall and road closures, it’s just not viable to keep the trailer where it is.”

The December closure of Lindford Road between Farnham Road and the trading estate was survivable as many through motorists used the B3004 to get to the A325 and vice-versa.

Indeed, Annika told the Herald that business had gradually climbed as word of mouth spread about their delicious coffee and paninis, but she had her doubts about the second phase of work with the barriers coming down at Broxhead early this month in a hammer blow.

“I’m worried about this road being shut because that’s going to be a long period of time,” said Annika in December.

“That’s really going to be our main problem.”

The couple who run the truck still intend to set up stall at shows and events, for contact details look for Rustica Coffee and Paninis on Facebook.