My name is Dominic Martin, and I am proud to introduce myself as Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the East Hampshire Constituency. 

These are difficult times for people across the country. Although we are through the worst of the dreadful Covid pandemic, the ever-increasing cost of living, the dire state of our public services, and the consequences of the Government’s poor record on environmental management affect us all every day. It is challenges like these, and my belief that there are better alternatives to the present Government’s approach, that has brought me into politics. 

My approach is grounded in my professional background of international economic affairs and public policy, including anti-corruption, energy, and climate change. Politically, I am a proud centrist. I believe in politics rooted in the values of the community. Here in East Hampshire that means supporting the livelihoods of local people and our local economy, ensuring access to good healthcare, education, well maintained local infrastructure and good public transport, and looking after our precious environment.

Voters across the country are desperate to hear a decent plan to deal with the cost-of-living crisis. They want to understand how the NHS will be restored to its pre-Covid levels of service. They want real action to protect our rivers and coastlines as part of a wider commitment to the environment. So do I.

The latest Government reshuffle looked like the start of a General Election campaign. Given how badly the Conservatives have done in by-elections in Tamworth, Mid-Bedfordshire, and Somerton and Frome, it is not surprising that the Prime Minister wants to give his team a makeover before he announces a date. But a desperate, last-minute effort to patch up potholes across the country cannot make up for years of local neglect and national mismanagement. Nor can last minute reshuffles make us forget Partygate, Trussonomics or the PPE scandals under this Conservative Government. 

As the Prime Minister tries to shore up his support on the wings of his own party, he has also moved to undermine environmental commitments and guarantees of fundamental human rights that this country has so long championed – including under successive Conservative Prime Ministers. Liberal Democrat will campaign vigorously to defend both. 

By getting more Liberal Democrat MPs in Parliament, including from East Hampshire, we can help give a louder voice to everyone who cares about our environment, the health of our society, and the integrity of Government. 

I look forward in the coming months to talking to as many people as possible across the East Hampshire constituency about the national and local issues that concern voters. My experience in the public, private and NGO sectors leaves me in no doubt that what the country needs is a return to serious, sane, professional policy-making. We need a national consensus across parties to address long-term global challenges like climate change. We need to build bridges rather than create divisions. That is what Liberal Democrats stand for.

By Dominic Martin

Prospective parliamentary candidate for East Hampshire

Liberal Democrats