Jane Browne, artist, tapestry weaver and Surrey Artist of the Year 2022, has been working on a project inspired by the Esso aviation fuel pipeline.

This has recently been replaced from Southampton to Heathrow cutting through swathes of the countryside, including villages west of Farnham. 

As an artist she has found beauty in the views as the earthworks followed the contours of the countryside. 

Jane has also considered the environmental impact literally brought to the surface. 

There was some dismay about the disruption caused by the pipeline, but how many of us continue to fly?

Jane wonders – are we addressing our carbon footprint and taking responsibility for our decisions or are we perpetuating the never ending thirst to travel? 

Is it our right to travel wherever in the world we choose?

The project is now complete and the pipeline is once more out of sight and also out of mind but the fuel continues to flow.

Jane’s work can be seen at Farnham Pottery from November 16 to 19 from 9am to 4pm as guest artist at the regular 6 Artists Collective exhibition featuring Ali Tomlin, Ruth Taylor, Tamara Williams, Nic Cowper, Denise Jaques and Emily Smith.