YOU BURRITO believe it: a Mexican restaurant with a familiar name is opening this weekend in Alton town centre.

Hermanos Mexican is coming to 13 Market Square and will officially open at midday this Saturday, December 2.

The restaurant is the brainchild of creative pair James Rolfe and Rupert Barter, two men who have known each other since childhood and have extensive background in the food and hospitality industry.

Rupert said: “I got tired of 80-hour weeks and then went over to Mexico and worked in a few restaurants out there.

“I took some inspiration and then came back to Farnham, which is our hometown. We bought a food truck, a 1968 Citroen H and set up an event company.”

The business did well and a second food truck was purchased in 2019 and during the pandemic they adapted by doing meal delivery kits.

Hermanos Mexican opened as an indoor street food market stall at The Shed in May 2021 before moving into a “a hatch” on Westbrook Walk late last year.

“It has done brilliantly and we’ve had a lot of help. We’ve created really strong partnerships with Jason at the Ten Tun Tap House and Trish at Dill.

“We’ve created a triangle and are trying to turn Market Square into a destination to make people travel to Alton.”

Rupert says that what makes Hermanos Mexican stand out is that they provide ‘something different’ and not the high street food that you see everywhere and the time they spend on the quality of the food.

He added: “It’s all fresh and we want everyone to know that we use local suppliers apart from some of the specialist chilis we get from Mexico City.”

The business has also created Smash Brothers which focuses on classic American burgers, fries and shakes. It has taken the place of their former site on Westbrook Walk.

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