We desperately need more housing and Waverley should be planning for it, to include a comfortable cushion of capacity. Not avoiding it.

The Farnham Residents Party has failed to address the issue over the past four years while they’ve been in administration (sic) and cannot, indeed must not, just keep pointing the finger at the Tories. That was then, this is now.

The Farnham Residents Party have been in power with their chums for four years and yes, environmental issues are paramount, but shouldn’t be used merely to avoid any housing development.

We’re frequently told parties should be judged on their record of achievements. With the local elections coming up in May, perhaps residents will wake up and smell the coffee and examine who is proposing exactly what in terms of healthy development and not just looking to exploit and erect any possible barricades to avoid much-needed housing here, and just putting it ‘over there’.

We’ve had enough of the worn-out cliché “we need housing, but it must be housing in the right place”. Yes, quite so.

So let’s see some new elected members and councillors with vision, drive and the will to achieve this goal. We’ve all had enough of the phooey.

Mark Westcott,

School Road, Rowledge