A LORRY driver who caused the death of a 22-year-old motorcyclist from Clanfield has been branded a ‘killer’ by the young man’s mum.

In a message to the driver, the mother of Jack Burgess, of Hillside Close, said: “You are a killer.

“I could forgive a person if they showed us some remorse, empathy, sympathy; you have shown us nothing.”

In August a Winchester Crown Court jury found Lucian-Sorin Todor, 52, guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

The jury heard he resumed talking on his hands-free phone and drove off after his lorry hit Mr Burgess.

And on Friday, October 1, Todor, of Andrew Crescent in Waterlooville, was sentenced to eight years in prison by Recorder of Winchester Judge Angela Morris.

The judge also banned him from driving for five years after his release, and ordered he takes an extended retest at the end of that.

The court heard that on June 29, 2019, Todor was using his hands-free phone as he went through Warnford on the A32.

He suddenly became aware of a cyclist, and swerved into the middle of the road.

Thomas Wilkins, prosecuting, said Todor crossed the white line on a blind bend in “flagrant disregard for the rules of the road”.

Two cars coming the other way had to swerve on to the grass verge to avoid the oncoming lorry.

And Mr Burgess, who was forced to brake, fell off his Yamaha motorbike and the lorry wheels hit his head.

The court heard that although Todor stopped after hearing a noise he said sounded like a ‘clap,’ he did not know he had hit the young motorcyclist.

He drove off while resuming his phone call, the court was told.

Mr Burgess died of his brain injuries in hospital the next day.

The court heard his mother, Kim, had been called to the crash scene and saw her son lifted on to a stretcher.

She said she had since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

She added: “Losing Jack is like being plunged straight into hell – the pain and agony is beyond description.

“My only saving grace in all of this poison are my last words to my son: ‘Love you, stay safe.’”

She described her son as “kind, generous and intelligent”, adding he was “the joker of the family,” and she branded Todor a “killer.”

Mark Ashley, defending, said Todor would “never” have left the scene if he had known he had come into contact with the motorcyclist.

Sentencing Todor, Judge Morris said she did not believe the sun prevented him from seeing the cyclist earlier.

The judge added: “By performing a wholly unnecessary overtaking manoeuvre on a blind bend of a single carriageway road restricted by double white lines, you put other road users at very serious risk of harm.

“You did not lift a finger to help the young man whose death you caused.

“You did not call the police; you did not offer to provide comfort and you left without providing your details.

“I do not sentence you for leaving the scene. But the fact that you did, knowing others were saying you had been involved in this collision, is one of the most unconscionable acts of cowardice this court has had the misfortune to witness.”