Mobility scooter left at Petersfield store

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Wednesday 26th August 2015 9:56 am
Conner Waters with Morrisons assistant manager Nikki Raxworthy and the abandoned mobilty scooter ()

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A MOBILITY SCOOTER abandoned outside the Morrisons store in Petersfield is still parked in the shop.

It was brought into the shop in Swan Street after it had been left outside for hours last Wednesday.

Assistant manager Nikki Raxworthy said: “We noticed it out there at about 1pm, and when it started raining we brought it inside the shop. It had to be carried in as we couldn’t start it, and it was quite heavy.

“There was a shopping bag hanging off it, but no form of ID. So far, no one has been in to collect it, which is very surprising as these scooters can be quite expensive.” It is thought that the scooter, which could have cost about £1,000 when new, was left by a middle-aged woman from Petersfield who is described as having dark hair with grey streaks in it.

As the Post went to press (Tuesday afternoon), a shop assistant said the lady had been into the store, but hadn’t taken the scooter. Connor Waters said: “She was driving another one; who knows where she got it? She took her bag off the abandoned scooter and left.

“No arrangements were made to take the first one, which apparently is broken down. So until someone collects it, it will stay in our store room.”

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