YOUNG people in Liphook are being asked what should replace a multi-activity play unit as the parish council agrees to spend more than £55,000 on a new surface and repairing play equipment at the Recreation Ground.

Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council member Susan Garnett said: "The multi-activity play unit in the older children’s play area is going to be removed and replaced by something new.

"We hope to have suggestions from the older children suggesting what they would like to see to replace it."

One replacement being considered for the play park that opened in 2011 is an outdoor gym.

And a major part of the work to improve the play areas will be the installation of a ’wet pour’ surface, with mulch on the surrounding banks, costing £52,146 in total.

Wet pour is a rubber chemical mix that is ’poured’ into place, and then levelled and rolled.

Cllr Garnett said: "It is a major item of expenditure for the council this year, and was chosen as the safest alternative to the existing surface.

"And while the initial cost is higher than alternatives, it performs better in damp areas and requires no aftercare."

Another £2,745 is to be spent repairing the eight-year-old equipment in the children’s and young people’s play areas.

And to a lesser extent at the skatepark as well; the skatepark has been subject to ongoing maintenance and minor repairs, and its future remains uncertain.

Cllr Garnett added: "There are very few amenities in the parish for young people so we feel the improvement and upkeep of these areas is a priority."

The contractor appointed for both projects is Sawscapes Play of Alton.