GLASSES were raised when a foliage cutting ceremony took place at an historic attraction near Clanfield.

The Roman Villa at Butser Ancient Farm (BAF) was officially re-opened last Thursday following a £100,000 renovation.

Guests were given guided tours, sampled Roman cuisine and got the chance to complete the stunning mosaic at the heat of the villa.

Maureen Page, BAF director, thanked everyone who donated to the villa’s “fantastic” restoration.

She said: “The villa has been here since 2003 – it was one of Peter Reynolds’ aspirations.

“It was one of his dreams to build a Roman villa and it was completed shortly after his death.

“After all this time, Romans would have wanted to redecorate – and we are no different. We felt it was time for the villa to be redecorated.

“It’s decorated in the style of a Roman home and gives the impression of what life might have looked like.”