The mayor of Petersfield had a field day last week as a magnificent 11 were recognised for their work in the community.

People who attended the Annual Town Meeting heard the Town Mayor’s Awards are usually only presented to three or four recipients.

But Cllr JC Crissey told the Festival Hall audience that he found it near-impossible to trim an extensive list of worthy candidates.

Mayors Awards Stuart Garden
The mayor encouraged Stuart Garden of Petersfield Rugby Club to let the audience know of their record-breaking season. (Petersfield Town Council)

“They’ve all made an extraordinary contribution to the community,” said the mayor during last Wednesday’s showpiece.

“I just couldn’t narrow it down as all these people are absolutely exceptional.”

The first certificate was presented to Caroline Aeschliman of the Kings Arms in recognition of her work for youth welfare, with the second going to Simon Auty of the Festival Hall’s Green ‘A’ team for his contribution to the arts.

PTC Awards Kings Arms
Caroline Aeschliman of the Kings Arms was the first of eight recipients. (Petersfield Town Council)

Stuart Barden, of Petersfield Rugby Club, got the nod for services to sport as these are heady times at Penns. Their undefeated first XV will play at their highest-ever level next season while their other sides are thriving.

There was a big cheer for Petersfield Community Garden stalwart Sue Edberg for services to the environment, while Michael D Finch – who played a big role in bringing BBC’s Question Time to Festival Hall – was recognised in the public service category.

Mayors Awards Sue Edberg
Sue Edberg of the Petersfield Community Garden was a popular winner (Petersfield Town Council)

Darren ‘Daz’ Hare of the Petersfield Royal British Legion, who was recognised for his services to the town council, community, veterans and Remembrance, put the mayor in his place after the latter called the standard a flag, and Revd William Hughes was given the social cohesion award for opening up St Peter’s to groups and people.

Mayors Awards Will Hughes
Rev Will Hughes was lauded for his services to social cohesion by opening up St Peter's to various people and groups. (Petersfield Town Council)

Cadet L/Cpl Victoria Band of the town mayor’s cadets also received a certificate while the absent Philip Young, Ann Brooks and John Corrie were applauded for services to music, heritage and business, respectively.

Mayors Awards caterers
Caterers Janet Marshall and Anne Church were also thanked for their help at the Festival Hall event (Petersfield Town Council)