DAILY tests are being carried out a beauty spot in Petersfield following the re-emergence of a potentially troublesome algae.

Water quality at Heath Pond is being monitored by town council staff as green algae has appeared around its southern edge.

The outbreak is not currently being treated as serious as the algae is not toxic and oxygen levels in the water remain high.

But pond bailiff Richard Welch is keeping a close eye on the bloom with visitors being urged not to enter the water as it can be nasty for dogs.

“At the moment it’s not serious and the tests we’re doing daily with the water show oxygen levels are 90 per cent or higher,” said Town Clerk, Neil Hitch.

“It’s not gone toxic blue-green and that’s the critical thing. If that happens then we have to put up signs but we’re not at that stage yet and the bailiff is doing daily tests.”

Algae blooms appear around the pond most years as the water does not circulate, as there is no inflow or outflow.

Warning signs urging people to stay away from the water have appeared in the past as the algae can cause rashes, diahhrea and other unpleasant ailments upon becoming toxic. The same algae has led to restrictions being imposed at Frensham Great Pond in recentweeks.