First time marathon runner Anna Rainbow is on top of the world after finishing Sunday’s London endurance race in memory of her mum.

And she more than doubled her fundraising target - raising £4,500 to raise money and awareness for corticobasal degeneration. Anna, from Petersfield, lost her mum to a rare form of dementia, corticobasal degeneration (CBD), in August 2022 and ran the London Marathon to raise money and awareness for those with the condition.

It was her first 26-mile event, and she says she was inspired by Raynor Winn whose husband Moth struggles with CBD. Last year Raynor and Moth walked the London Marathon for PSPA which led Anna to run this year's event for the charity.

She clocked up a time of 4hrs 11 minutes and 38 Seconds, and said the toughest part was about 4 miles from the finish, when she “questioned her sanity” as she had never run that far before,

Anna Rainbow runs London Marathon 2024

Anna's favourite part was around miles 24 - 25 when she was cheered on the time by the PSPA and her family and friends who were cheering her on and shouting her name. Anna said “I knew then that although I was incredibly tired, I would get to the finish and better still in a much better time than I'd ever thought possible. I crossed the finishing line at 15:04 PM.”