THE BRAMSHOTT and Liphook Parish Plan (BLPP) has been completed.

The steering group had finished the plan last year and developed an action plan with an executive summary.

A consultation period was then held so parishioners and agencies and organisations being asked to deliver infrastructure solutions could comment.

Following that, amendments have been made and the plan has been completed.

BLPP chairman Trevor Maroney said: “Some amendments have been made but the content is broadly the same. We have added a requirement for more nursery places, which will be down to Hampshire County Council’s children’s services.”

The plan will now be presented to Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council’s full council meeting tonight (Monday). The steering group is hoping the parish council will adopt the plan at that meeting. Once the plan has been adopted, attention will turn towards implementing it.

“Implementation rests with the lead partners who are helping us,” said Trevor.

“We are confident with what we’ve produced and believe it’s workable.

“A lot will depend on funding, and the biggest problem will be finding the money to deliver everything, so we need the community to get behind it and encourage the lead partners to deliver.”

Work has also started on a Bramshott and Liphook Neighbourhood Plan.

“We’ve been advised that the neighbourhood plan can use sections of our research and convert our action plan into policies,” said Trevor.