Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council says it has capped an increase to its share of residents’ tax bills to five per cent, without reducing grant funding or cutting services.

The parish council will ask the average Band D home for £96.19 in 2023/24, after councillors approved the budget recommendations by the council’s finance and policy committee on January 23.

This will generate a £414,632 precept to help fund council services, towards a gross budget of £486,727 for the next financial year.

The parish council started its budget-setting process early in July last year when the target to cap the precept increase at five per cent was first agreed.

But despite this, Peter Stanley, the council’s executive officer, said: “There is no reduction in grant awards or services.”

By comparison, Haslemere Town Council is to ask residents for an extra ten per cent while cutting grant funding.