A FORMER leader of Whitehill Town Council has recruited three councillors to form a new political party.

Andy Tree is the leader of the Whitehill and Bordon Community Party and has been joined by fellow former Liberal Democrat members of the town council, Roger Russell, of Hogmoor ward, and Pinewood ward representatives Duncan Sanders and Leeroy Scott.

Mr Tree said the aim was to create a party with strong effective leadership, but recognises that it is a team effort to achieve objectives for the community.

He said: “I feel compelled and highly motivated to get back involved in local politics because so much is at stake. We are told we cannot have a railway station while having no raillink bus and watching bus cuts. It’s absurd.

“According to East Hampshire District Council, we are told a swimming pool is to be built by 2019, but the first brick has yet to be laid.

“We need to know what is going on here. I do not want residents to be disappointed and let down. On a positive note, I am hearing great feedback from residents about the new natural play area at Hogmoor Inclosure which my kids think is great.

“Our party would want to work pro-actively with East Hampshire District Council and I recently congratulated Richard Millard on becoming its leader.

“However, we will robustly challenge any decision or potential issue that could short-change Whitehill and Bordon.

“In particular, everyone can see the new houses have been built, and the relief road is under construction.

“However, the facilities must follow such as a town centre to be proud of and leisure facilities.

“A key personal objective is to get the people of Whitehill and Bordon engaged in voting and politics.

“Our party will be different and we want to capture the imagination of voters and prove their views can be heard and more importantly we can fight to action them.

We will do our best to show ourselves to be a strong credible alternative. ”

Councillor Scott is known in the town through his work at Tesco and in security.

Councillor Russell said: “Andy Tree personally inspired me to become a town council candidate in 2015 and I look forward to working with him again in our Whitehill and Bordon Community Party.

“My family have lived in Whitehill and Bordon for three generations and I am Bordon through-and- through.”

Councillor Sanders said: “Like many people I was, and remain, excited but cautious about the regeneration project and so when approached to stand as a councillor two years ago, I decided to get involved.

“My motivation was solely drawn from a desire to help make the transformation of our community as positive as possible and to help guard against any potential for broken promises on the part of the various institutions and companies involved.”

The three councillors will choose a group leader on Whitehill Town Council.