Matthew Kellermann is sick of the term ‘need for change’. 

But the Reform UK hopeful for East Hampshire has accepted it’s been the biggest talking point on the campaign.

“There is a need for change, but I don’t like saying it because everyone is saying it,” said the Altonian during a push for votes in Petersfield today (Wednesday, July 3).

“Everyone is calling for change but in my opinion you’re just swapping one colour for another.

“I think it’s time for reform, because that’s a step up from change.”

With all due respect to the other six candidates in the race for East Hampshire, there was a buzz about his stall in The Square on Wednesday lunchtime.

Mr Kellermann insists it’s been like this for weeks, claiming he’s never witnessed such a groundswell of support for a political party ahead of a general election. His view is shared by his Farnham & Bordon counterpart Ged Hall, with the pair united in their view that something special is brewing.

He said: “The enthusiasm seems to be spread across the spectrum and it’s not just disaffected Conservative voters – I’ve had an email this morning from a disaffected Green, for instance.

“It’s often hard to get feet on the ground but that’s not been the same here. I’ve been offered help by an 88-year-old lady in Liss and a few teenagers have also come forward, too.”

It remains to be seen how Reform UK will fare both locally and nationally but Mr Kellermann expects the party to make inroads and gain a few seats. How many is up to debate, but he’s confident.

He said: “I reckon there are foing to be surprises.

“There’s been a few forecasts saying we’ll get one or two seats but I would be surprised if there’s less than 12. People are enthused.”