Pupils from a Farnham primary school have filed their report card on general election candidates ahead of the big vote.

And the view of pupils at Potters Gate Primary School? Must do better.

The Herald quizzed five children last Friday about the forthcoming election and their views on UK politics. The pupils showed maturity beyond their tender years, proving to be extremely aware of the current global situation, general election and climate change.

When asked for their thoughts on the prime minister, pupils labelled Rishi Sunak “unrelatable” and called him out of touch with the general populous because of his affluence.

They also generally opposed the idea of reintroducing national service, with one saying: “National service prolongs education and means it will take longer for people to follow their dreams.”

Pupils felt more money should be diverted to the NHS, as they’re aware of worsening waiting times, and called for more green policies.

In what might be music to pressure groups in Farnham and Alton, they are also concerned about housebuilding and the loss of more green fields and countryside.

“My parents don’t want to vote either Conservative or Labour, but there aren’t any other major parties, so if you don’t vote for those two, then your vote is effectively wasted,” said another pupil in a slightly damming take on the state of UK politics.

And finally, in an ideal world, who would they like to be prime minster? Martin Luther King or Barack Obama were only two answers. Kids will be kids.