Highway bosses in Hampshire are losing patience with utility companies for poor repairs and rushed jobs on the county’s roads.

Hampshire County Council has promised more inspections as firms aren’t reinstating roads to a proper standard.

Cllr Russell Oppenheimer recently told Liss Parish Council that the level of roadworks and road closures currently taking place around the county is “unprecedented”.

Repeated and patch-up work is only worsening the situation with the line painting debacle on Forest Road in Liss Forest being a prime example.

“We are losing our rag with utility companies who have created havoc on the roads,” said Cllr Oppenheimer.

“So we’re having a crackdown on companies who do the work and clear off without reinstating the carriageway not quite as it should be.

“We’re going to be inspecting a lot more closures and if they haven’t reinstated the highway to a good condition they will be asked to come back and do it again.”