The new equipment at Holy Cross Hospital has been put to good use by The Physiotherapy Centre’s women’s health specialist for patients with pelvic floor function problems. With the help of ultrasound, patients can see and feel their pelvic floor moving in real time.

Lead physiotherapist Jo Hounsome has recently completed a postgraduate certificate in medical ultrasound. She is now qualified to use ultrasound to scan the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, ankle and foot.

Jo Hounsome said: “A thorough physio assessment and examination usually gives us a good idea about a patient’s condition but when combined with an ultrasound scan, we can confirm the diagnosis with more certainty, examine the extent of the injury and design a treatment plan which offers the best possible outcome.

“Diagnostic ultrasound is excellent for evaluating conditions such as muscle tears, tendon and ligament injuries, inflammatory arthritis, plantar fasciitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

"An ultrasound scan can be booked alongside a physiotherapy assessment or, current patients can be referred by their therapist. As physiotherapists, we are delighted to have this new diagnostic tool which is enabling us to offer an even better service to our patients.”