Sheet allotmenteers are asking people to keep and eye open for bundles of gardening tools being offered for sale online, or at car boot sales.

The appeal comes a large number of sheds were broken into on Adhurst allotments on Waterworks Lane from Sheet to Steep overnight on Tuesday, January 17.

One allotment holder whose shed was broken posted on Facebook: “What we found most shocking is these criminals would stoop so low as to steal our toddlers gardening tools, even their little mini gardening gloves were taken.

“If anyone sees people selling big bundles of mixed gardening tools on social media or car boot sales, please do let me know.”

While another posted: “Just can’t believe how many people got broken into - how thorough they were, the fact they had so much time to be so specific in what they took and to be able to take so much. Really awful.”

Anyone with information can contact Adhurst Allotments Association via the website at