LIFE as World War Two evacuees has been experienced by pupils at Sheet Primary School.

Carrying suitcases, and wearing gas mask boxes they had made in class around their necks, they gathered at Petersfield railway station.

The 50 or so Year 5 and 6 children were catching a train for a visit to Henley Fort in Guildford to learn more about the war and how evacuee children might have felt.

The excited youngsters, aged nine and ten, were staying overnight on Thursday for the full immersive experience.

The Victorian fort was built to protect London from invasion by the French, but was later used by the Home Guard in World War Two as a re-supply depot.

Pupil Fleur Ash (10) said: “I have really enjoyed learning about how it was in the past and what they had to cope with.”

Francesca Cox (10) added: “It’s been a really good topic, learning what war was like and also what it was like at home. I think the evacuees might have felt quite scared. The first wave of evacuees was before war was declared so they didn’t really know what was happening.”

Parents had got involved in scouring wardrobes at home and charity shops to find suitable clothing for the children including flat caps, waistcoats, warm coats and scarves.

Class teacher Catherine Stead said: “The children have enjoyed a variety of activities. We have made gas mask boxes and propaganda posters, we have decorated the classroom with netting, and made eggless cakes.”

There had been visits too from grandparents and people from the local area who had spoken about their wartime experiences.