Police investigated three offences involving weapons on a quiet Petersfield cul-de-sac in January.

The incidents on Alderfield were among the 81 crimes reported during the month, making it one of the most ‘crime-ridden’ areas in the Petersfield patch.

The Ramshill petrol station was another hotspot with most of the six offences reported in January involving shoplifting.

Four crimes were reported around Dukes Close with incidents of criminal damage and vehicle crimes being reported, with further cases of the latter also taking place in Kennet Road, Ramshill and The Spain over the month.

Three of the five crimes reported around Goodyer Close involved violence or sexual offences while burglaries were also investigated on Grange Road, Star Close and Sussex Gardens.

Some 28 of the total 81 crimes reported violence or sexual offences, with criminal damage, anti-social behaviour and theft being consistently reported over the month.

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