SHE’S an adventurer, peacenik and environmental campaigner. And now grandmother of four Tess Burrows (pictured), a former Bedales student, has added children’s author.

She has written a true life fable for children by Yannick Penguin, which is being launched in a rather unusual venue on Wednesday, October 12 – The Penguin Beach at Birdworld near Farnham.

This is raising money for the penguin conservation work carried out there.

Soft Courage recounts Yannick’s adventures including jumping out of a plane, handing on rock faces with protest banners, and tackling far flung mountains in the Andes and Tibet with peace messages.

All Yannick’s feats are written about with inside knowledge as Tess herself has carried them all out.

Featuring in the BBC series On Thin Ice, about the South Pole Race, she was the first and only grandmother to have undertaken this gruelling challenge.

She says: “I run a little charity organisation called Climb for Tibet. We raise funds for schools in Tibet and other humanitarian and environmental ventures and we work for the peace and harmony.”

Through her charity Tess collects in ‘Pledges for the Environment’ and ‘Messages of Peace’. Thousands of individuals have sent these in, to be carried by Tess to high and far places. She has pulled a tyre containing a Peace Message from every nation on Earth up Kilimanjaro.

The book launch of Soft Courage starts at 5.15pm, with a short talk about the work at Birdworld with the penguins, refreshments, tales of penguin adventures with Tess, and a raffle to close the event at 7.15pm. Tickets are £10, £5 for children. Penguin dress optional. To book e-mail [email protected]